high quality cast iron components for industrial vehicles

Who we are

Founded in 1964, O/Cava Meccanica has always been proudly focused on producing high quality made-in-Italy components for industrial vehicles.

Today our company integrates one of the most advanced and sophisticated european cast-iron foundry plants, and a modern machining and pre-assemby workshop, with the purpose to offer high added-value finished product, with an high technological content, ready to be put on vehicles within a fully just-in-time philosophy.

A valuable staff of about 250 people working in one only centralized plant ensure a yearly turnover greater than 50.000.000 Euros, mostly realized on foreign markets (France, Germany, Sweden, UK, Belgium, Spain, Russia and USA).

The best evidence of the O/Cava production value is given by our prestigious portfolio, including customers like the Volvo Group (Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks and Mack Trucks), Meritor, Daimler, Iveco/CNH, Caterpillar, Schaeffler, and most of the biggest european trailer axles producers like SAF-Holland, Gigant, SAE-SMB.


Along five decades, great efforts and resources have been invested into vertical integration between cast-iron foundry, machining, and pre-assembly. All our facilites have been developed in order to offer maximum flexibility and reactivity to our customer’s needs, from large series to very small prototipal batches.

Our plant includes:

- a state-of-the-art nodular/grey cast iron foundry, equipped with 5 electrical induction furnaces, a green sand automatic moulding line, an internal core shop with cold-box technology, cleaning and shot-blasting facilities, epoxy-powder coating;

- a complete machining workshop including robotized centers, transfert lines, stand-alone centers for small and prototipal batches; available toolings include turning, milling, drilling, slotting, broaching and balancing operations;


- dedicated areas for pre-assembly of wheel-hub units (hub, bearings, brake-disk, seals, bolts, ABS tone wheel…), differential carriers, and engine flywheels;

- internal labs (chemical/tecnological labs, metrological labs) and internal Engineering/R&D department in order to fully support our customer in product development oriented to process optimization.



Our foundry can produce up to 250 tons of liquid iron per day. Available materials include all grades of as-cast nodular iron (from EN-GJS400 to EN-GJS700), as well as grey iron, and the newest high-sylicon solution-strenghtened nodular irons (like the EN-GJS500-14 introduced by the new EN1563:2012 standard).

Our castings range goes from few kilograms up to 150kg of rough weight components, within moulding boxes of 800x800x700mm.

Our machining workshop is equipped to machine the whole range. Safety parts like wheel-hubs and wheel-flanges, axles components as differential carriers, cases, gearboxes, carters, as well as engine flywheels, can be offered as blank parts, or ready machined / pre assembled, eventually painted with powder-coating primer or cataphoresis.


R&D, Quality, Enviroment, Ethics


Our internal Engineering / R&D department ensures full support to our customers since their very early stages of the product design; we can offer our experience and know-how to tweak the customer’s design focusing on foundry production process optimization, weight and cost reduction, safety-related issues. Every customer’s idea can be virtually tested and simulated in advance from the foundry production process point of view, in order to support and speed-up the development and design review process.

Our quality management system is third-part certified since more than 20 years ago, starting from EN 29002 regulation in 1993 (then updated to ISO 9002:94), up to the current ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949:2009 certifications.

Furthermore, O/Cava Meccanica is an IPPC plant (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) according to European environmental regulation, we implement a self-assessed Environment Management System, and an internal corporate Crime Prevention System according to italian D.Lgs.231/01 regulation.

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